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Lance Peck with Heliconia flower
Belinda and Lance Peck produce outstanding award winning images on videotape and 35mm stills. Their highly successful work has been published in National Wildlife, Alaska Geographic, Duck's Unlimited, Alaska, Montana, Montana Outdoors, Bears, Bugle, Unity's Daily Word, Safari, Bow and Arrow, Eastman's Journal, W.O.W., Mainstream and Country Magazines; At A Glance, Angler's, Landmark, Northword Press and Alaska Magazine calendars, Soundy Cards, Scafa-Tornabene posters, Creative Minds Screen Savers and Knowledge Adventure's award winning, highly acclaimed CD ROM releases. Their images received awards for First Place and Grand Prize Winner in National Wildlife Federation's " 1997 Nature's Best Photo Contest" and First Place in the 1998 National Wildlife Federation Photo Contest.

Their video footage has appeared on television and been used in wildlife programs by such producers as NBC News, Prime Time Live, Marty Stouffer Productions, Real TV, Geraldo, TNTV, Stoney-Wolf Productions, KEG Productions, Marshmallow Entertainment, ReMedia, Conciencia Amazonica, Rainforest Action Network and others. Their footage has been broadcast in programs on The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and many International networks world wide including Canada, England, Europe, South America, Japan and many other parts of Asia.

Gone Wild's video release 'GRISAN' won awards at the 17th Annual International Wildlife Film Festival. Grisan's portrayal of the North American Grizzly Bear received an Award of Merit in addition to an Honorable Mention in the documentary category.

Gone Wild Productions is not just photography anymore. We are so much more. Our company has grown. We are tropical fish enthusiasts. We are ornamental gardeners of new orchid and heliconia varieties. We are explorers. We have gone far into the jungle on explorations for medicinal plants. Our personal interests in plants led us to investigate primitive, traditional, and local cures using botanicals from the forest. We have used many of these remedies with amazing results.

Aquarium Gone Wild Peru is the first export aquarium in the Madre de Dios, Tambopata region of Peru. Since 2002 we have hand collected and identified more than 300 new and rare ornamental species of fish, including killifish "Moema quiii" and the very famous catfish "Corydoras weitzmani".

DreamNet, our very popular adventure package, offers dream trips into the Amazon jungle for avid tropical fish collectors. Collectors from all over the world have joined us for exclusive, customized fish collecting adventures.

Gone Wild isn't just a company, it's a life-style, it's wildlife and nature, photography and design. It's creative, individual and personal. It's jungle, rainforest, and the Amazon. It's environmentally sensitive and wild crafted organic all wrapped up in one. It's helpful, comforting and delicious too! It means we go where all others fear to tread. Black water swamps or clear mountain streams, you'll find us there.

We invite you to come in and explore all the sites.

Belinda and her favorite Moema quiii
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